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What is Advanced Excel Course?

Advanced Excel is a skill that is in high demand in the current scenario. Almost everyone out there is familiar with the basics of Microsoft Excel. Today, job markets demand people who are skilled in managing and analyzing large amounts of data. Hence, it is necessary to know how to use advanced functions and formulae. Learn Advanced Excel Course in Delhi. In other words, learning Advanced Excel provides you with a better skill set and gives you an edge over the others. Here Micro Computer Center comes into picture we offer best advanced excel course in Delhi. 

Polish your skills in basic Excel by learning new formulae, functions, and tricks. Learn Advanced Excel to get a better chance at getting a job in financial analysis, equity research, corporate development, investment banking, and many more. Improve your job performance by learning simple and easy tips on managing large amounts of data proficiently. Join advanced excel course in Noida & Nearby places.

Advanced Excel - Charts

Scope of Advanced Excel Course

Being proficient only in Microsoft Excel does not give you an edge over the job-seeking youth in the current scenario. If you are good at Excel, you would probably get the same jobs as you might if you weren’t good at Excel. What counts is how advanced and proficient your skills in Microsoft Excel are. Learning Advanced Excel, hence, provides you an advantage over other people.  Compete Your Excel Course in Noida with us. Call Now at 9810063939.

Most of the jobs in the market make use of Microsoft Excel in some way or the other. There is either a need for someone who can work well with spreadsheets or someone who is well-experienced in Microsoft Excel to train other employees. So it only makes sense that you get a job that draws on the rest of your considerable skills, experience, and academic training.  Micro Computer Center is best Advanced Excel Training Institute in Noida.

One must be well-versed in these basics of Advanced Excel to secure a better job in the market:

  •       filtering, sorting
  •       Analyzing data
  •       Basic formulas and shortcuts
  •       Vlookup
  •       Understanding about the toolbar operations
  •       Basic charting
  •       Basic Pivot,etc

Learn Advanced Excel Course in Delhi

Who can Learn Advanced Excel Course

Microsoft Excel is sophisticated spreadsheet software. With loads of functionality beneath its surface, it can seem tough to learn. However, Excel is not as challenging to learn as many people believe. With the best training and daily practice, you can improve your Excel skills and open more job opportunities for yourself. Take Advance Excel Classes in Noida today!

Anyone can learn Advanced Excel without much difficulty. Whether you are a student or a working person, Advanced Excel is suitable for all age groups and backgrounds.

For Advanced Excel, having proficiency in basic Excel is a must. One should know how to create spreadsheets, format data, and use simple formulae. It usually takes about three to four weeks to learn the topics in Advanced Excel if a person has good knowledge about basic Excel concepts. We offer Best Excel Training in Delhi & Noida.

Job Opportunities After Advanced Excel Course

Advanced Excel - Graphs
  • Market research analysts- Every business has a basis in audience and competitor analysis.  Advanced Excel allows the professionals to organize the gathered data, analyze, interpret, and present the information in an easily understandable form. Graphs, charts, and other visualization tools available in Excel allow the analysts to visualize complex data better. Get Advanced Excel Training in Noida.
  • MIS executive – Knowledge of Excel is a prerequisite for anyone who wants to work as an MIS executive. The job role of an MIS (Management Information System) executive differs according to the department.  MIS executives have to deal with a large amount of data every day. To do so, they should be proficient in Excel formulas and features like calculations, sum function, absolute and relative references, rounding numbers, and auto filter on Excel. Join best Advanced Excel Training Institute in Noida.
  • Project managers or coordinators – Project managers are a necessity in almost every company. From managing vendor lists, financial records, generating reports to keeping an eye on everyday operations, project managers always have to be on their toes. They also have to allocate the resources wisely and manage the employees to ensure efficient and effective working.  Since project managers have to deal with lots of data, Excel turns out as a chief companion. Knowledge of Advanced Excel allows them to sort, organize, and manage the data effectively while ensuring minimal wastage of resources and workforce. Learn from best Advance Excel Institute in Noida.

Apart from these, other job opportunities include (and are not limited to):

  1. Accountants
  2. Auditors
  3. Administrative assistants
  4. Office clerks
  5. Cost estimators
  6. Educators
  7. Financial analysts
  8. Bankers
  9. Loan officers, Sales, marketing, and training analysts, etc

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